In these workshops I will share my knowledge and experience that I've accumulated over two decades from various energy healing modalities and coaching techniques.

Here are some of the things that you will learn:

Develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself and others
Free yourself from the limitations of your mind to live life to your full potential
Release old emotions and traumas physically and energetically
Eliminate fatigue and generate more energy
Clearing blocks that are preventing you from moving forward
Bring a greater sense of aliveness to your existence
Awaken to your full potential in life, love and relationships
... and much more ... click here for the list of current workshops!

Access Bars® Certification Class

Clear out what no longer serves you. Invite more awareness and clarity into your life.

Access Bars® is a revolutionary process that can eliminate limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns right at the source. By simply activating 32 points on the head, an energetic discharge of the energy which holds the limiting beliefs in place occurs. As a result, you feel more energized, have greater clarity, and a calm, quiet mind. The magic and power of this process is truly amazing. It doesn’t just relax you, it can erase the beliefs that created your stress, anxiety, pain, or illness in the first place.

After this one day class you will not only learn to give the process and receive the process, but you will also be certified as an Access Bars® Practitioner.

Burn out to Bliss Workshop

De-stress and Re-Energise with Kundalini Reiki and other powerful methods

Have you been feeling stressed, lethargic, exhausted, unable to concentrate or make decisions? Do you feel a lack of creativity and passion for life? If so, this workshop might be for you.

In this one day workshop you will learn the Kundalini meditation, the benefits of Kundalini energy, Receive a Kundalini Reiki attunement. You will also learn other powerful exercises to raise your energy and attract more fun, joy, creativity and bliss in your life.

Energetic Bliss Mastery

Feel energised, empowered and totally amazing!  Become your authentic self, connect with others.

In this two day workshop where you will learn how to sense your own energy, find your energetic blocks and clear them, shake out your negative emotions such as sadness, anger and tiredness and cultivate positive ones, such as happiness, joy, excitement.

By the end of the weekend you will also be able to sense other people’s energy and be able to clear them too and know how to connect with others on the energetic level.

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