Veetmaya Es
Ibiza, Spain

The workshop with Shekina was a great, fun and at the same time deep experience. Exploring new ways of playing with our own energy as much as with others's was a great discovery.
The juiciness, playfulness and the connection between participants added something even more special to the whole workshop. Definitely recommended!"

 Nick Brown
London, UK

Kim S.
Wetteren, Belgium

"The workshop Erotic Intelligence Level 1 has been a life changer for me. I have always been very sensitive for energies. I could feel them physically and emotionally, but I never had any control over them nor did I understand them very well. Shekina taught us how we can intentionally summon our own energy and direct it through the chakra's. This has been quite the experience! I have laughed and I have cried out of blissful feelings that overwhelmed me during the exercises. I have felt a straight connection with Source, full of unconditional love and bliss. There was partner work with other people whom I didn't know, but thanks to the gradual build-up of the exercises, this was never uncomfortable. 

This workshop has encouraged me to find out more about the magical world of sexual energy because I believe it's the most powerful energy that exists! It's our life force! I am very much looking forward to Level 2 and 3 of this workshop to learn even more about it. 

Thank you Shekina, for the wonderful experience!"  

Ewa W. 
Antwerp, Belgium

Rory H.
London, UK  

"Shekina's Level 1 workshop was a wonderful, carefully crafted and playful opportunity to learn about my abilities in control my energy and how to connect to those around me in a safe and respected manner. The exercises help to facilitate the discussions and create the right frame of mind to work alone and with others. A truly unique, educational and inspirational weekend. I look forward to Level 2 and possibly repeat Level 1 just for the shear fun of it."  

Chris D. 
Bern, Switzerland

Evelien Kuling
Antwerp, Belgium  

Ik ben dankbaar voor het weekend in Antwerpen. Dankbaar voor de mooie inzichten in mezelf. De
groei die ik heb mogen voelen. Durven en ontvangen. Gevoel te hebben er te mogen zijn.
De liefde en energie te voelen van zulke mooie lieve mensen…

Trots op mezelf!
Dank Shekina Ray voor het playful geven van de workshop

Never forgetting this weekend, tears, laughter, hugging, joy, bliss, balloons, chocolate, water
and above all L♡VE   

Kati F. 
Sidmouth, Uk  

Kelly Jeanne
London, UK  

"I came to Shekina’s workshop through some synchronistic events, and I had no idea what to expect when I got there, only that she had told me that it would be completely up to me what I participated in based on my own comfort level and boundaries. I did end up participating in everything, and although I felt out of my comfort zone at times (having intentionally let my self go there) I always felt that I was in a protected space and my boundaries were respected. 

I enjoyed getting in touch with my own energy and that of others, with a group of caring and interesting people who were there doing the same; and Shekina makes everything very fun. I highly recommend."  

Lenka and Joris
Herten, Netherlands  

Gent, Belgium  

Two days now after the Energetic Bliss Mastery course and I feel a big opening in my body. It
brings me Joy, a whole new flow and now I feel ready to explore the world of energy. I was a bit lost with some aspects of myself but Shekina and the lovely group helped me to find a new confidence. I own my life, I own my orgasms, I own self love. Thank you Shekina for bringing these courses out there. I’m so thankful.
Lots of love, Laurence  

Antwerp, Belgium  

Elissar, EH
Maastricht, Netherlands  

For the first time in my life I feel these points in my body. For the first time I feel how to connect to my inner energy through these points, of course thanks to Shekina Ray and her great techniques and teachings, she raised my awareness towards my body via a different realm. Even the physical pains that I have were gone, when she taught me special techniques and massages. She helped me to connect to myself in different new way and to look at myself from compassionate prospect. 

I can’t thank her enough, hoping to learn from her more in the future! 

Filip R. 
Mechelen, Belgium  

Andre Van Vliet
Antwerp, Belgium  

The little boy in me had a blast!
I had such a wonderful weekend in Belgium at the Energetic Bliss Mastery by Shekina Ray… A
workshop? Nahh, a playshop stuffed with fun exercises, insights, laughter and a few sigh moments.
I love it.  

Ludo Simons
Hasselt, Belgium

Isabelle Gheldolf
Antwerp, Belgium  

Last weekend I did my level 1 training in energetic bliss mastery with an amazing tantric teacher Shekina Ray who I am blessed to call a friend as well. She got interviewed for a cool article about energetic full body orgasms that recently got published in Metro UK .

I have always been sensitive to my own and other people’s energies (emotions are energy in motion FYI) and after doing so much yoga for years, I feel my mind and body are ready to start exploring energetic bodywork and healing. But the beautiful thing about this practice is that it’s beginner friendly and everyone can start practicing it right now.
The whole weekend we practiced different techniques to become aware of the life force energy in our body and start playing around with it. This energy is so powerful. As Shekina describes it: 

‘it’s like a firehose that can remove blocks from the body and can release stuck emotions’

What I like is that you can do these practices in relation with others and I have personally experienced that I can go much deeper when doing this with other people and this way can allow the energy to release the sadness and pain that i am carrying around.

Andy W.
Watford, UK

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