Private Sessions for Women

Explore Your Body

The female body is filled with special spots and sensitive zones. The entire class can be customized to your preferences, making the whole experience much more enjoyable in general. In this class your will learn about the different sensitive areas of your body and how you like to be touched. Your therapist will help you to explore what you like by massaging and caressing different areas of your body. After the session you will feel relaxed, refreshed and exhilarated. Additional benefits:

  • Recharge your sexual energy. Tantric massage is designed to rejuvenate your sexual drive and energy while at the same time give you complete control over them. You can have a better sex life in general with regular sessions of Tantric massage.
  • Health improvements. As the touches and pressures stimulates nerve endings all across your body, other parts of your body including your internal organs will react to these stimulus as well. As a result, you will feel a significant health improvement.

This class is 3 hours

Fee: £360


Yoni and G-Spot Massage

Yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina) and G-spot massage helps to increase the blood flow in that area, helping to release hormones. It can also stimulate both sexual and brain functioning. Healthy hormonal balance may help us to protect against other health related problems such as

  • Poor circulation
  • Decreased libido
  • Menopause
  • Painful menstruation
  • Painful intercourse
  • Lower back pain

Helps to release past trauma and emotions held in sexual organs, increasing the orgasmic potential. Helps with Female Ejaculation (Amrita) which helps women to release negative stagnant emotions. Teaches women to become sexually aroused more quickly and fully and to experience full body orgasms through sexual intercourse.

This class is 3 hours

Fee: £360


Improve your Experience with Men

Would you like to learn how to empower, heal, and awaken the spiritual and sexual energy of a man?

In this session you will learn to assist your man or a volunteer Daka (male tantra practicioner) to connect his consciousness to the power of his heart and down to his genitals. Learn how to help him with delaying ejaculation, expanding his pleasure thresholds, finding his sacred spot, prostate health, building his confidence and consciousness in bed, sexually healing his past sexual traumas, and improve his communication skills.

This class is 3 hours

Fee: £450