Shekina Ray is a well-known spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, and author who has dedicated her life to helping others awaken to their true purpose and potential. With over 20 years of experience in the field of spirituality and holistic wellness, Shekina is a highly respected and sought-after teacher and mentor.

Shekina's journey in field of holistic health began during her nursing career when she became disenchanted with the impersonal and often ineffective approach of Western medicine.  She quickly realized that people need to be treated as whole being, not just their bodies or body parts. in 2000 she began studying various  healing modalities.

Over the years, Shekina has become an expert in several fields, including Reiki, Access Consciousness, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, crystal healing,  aromatherapy, colorpuncture and other energy healing modalities.

She has traveled the world, studying with spiritual masters and healers and incorporating their teachings into her own unique approach to healing and transformation.

Today, Shekina offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and retreats to help people awaken to their spiritual gifts and connect with their inner wisdom.

Through her teachings and healing work, Shekina has helped countless individuals around the world heal and transform their lives. Her profound wisdom, compassion, and insight continue to inspire and empower others on their spiritual journeys.

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