What is colorpuncture?

Colorpuncture was developed by Peter Mandel over 30 years ago and widely used in Europe and the USA. The therapist uses different color light wands on acupuncture points, meridians and body zones for healing and relaxation purposes. The seven main colors are red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet. Red, orange and yellow are used for stimulating the energy field, green, blue en violet is used to "cool" and calm the energy field. Turquoise color is used to access the subconscious mind. Complementary colors are used for balancing the meridians, glands, organs, joints, muscles, etc.

I found this healing modality very effective with different chronic issues, physical and emotional. 

What can colorpuncture help with?

There are treatments help balance and de-stress the nervous system, detoxify the body, relieve pain, tonify and strengthen specific organs.

Common conditions that can be addressed energetically are pain, migraine, lymphatic issues, depression, anxiety, hyperacidity, digestion, childhood trauma and many others.

Light and color can restore cellular communication and unlock the connections in the body-mind.

Many Colorpuncture treatments powerfully address emotional, mental and spiritual levels and give the client an insight about the origin of their dysfunction  and insight to the solutions to solve their problems.

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