Erotic Intelligence - Level 1

Energetic Bliss Mastery

9 - 10 February, 2019 - London, UK

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Q&A with Shekina about the workshop.

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Come and expand your own energetic field and turn it into a powerful source of connection and bliss. Feel energised, empowered and totally amazing.

"Two days now after the Energetic Bliss Mastery course and I feel a big opening in my body. It brings me Joy, a whole new flow . . " Laurence, previous workshop particpant

Welcome to this two day Erotic Intelligence workshop where you will learn how to sense your own energy, find your energetic blocks and clear them, shake out your negative emotions such as sadness, anger and tiredness and cultivate positive ones, such as happiness, joy, excitement.

By the end of the weekend you will also be able to sense other people’s energy and be able to clear them too and know how to connect with others on the energetic level.

Key areas covered are:

• Introduction to the major energy centers of your body called Chakras
• Releasing negative emotions using breath, movement and sound
• Learn to tap into your own life force energy
• Learn to collect and harness energy and playfully move it through your body
• Playfully connect with others energetically

With the help of different massage techniques:

• Learn what kind of touch you and your partner enjoy.
• How to calm down your partner with one kind of touch or how to help them to feel more excited with different touches.

Who can attend?
18+ Singles and Couples.

Bring a partner, find a partner there, switch partners, or experience the course on your own. Many options will be offered to support each individual experience.

We will respect your boundaries and you will never be forced to do any of the exercises and all exercises will be demonstrated and practiced with clothes on in Level 1.

Aho Studio
13 Prince Edward Rd, London, E9 5LX

Early Bird Special:  £195 if you register and pay by 11th January, £250 thereafter.

9- 10 February, 2019

10:30 - 17:30 both days

About Shekina:

Shekina Ray is an international Energy Healer and Tantra Teacher. She has been teaching various energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Access Consciousness and Tantra worldwide for the past 18 years.

She enjoys encouraging people to find ways to express themselves and teaches a variety of classes that assist people in discovering their passions, loving and accepting themselves, building their self-esteem and helping them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.

You can read more about Shekina here.